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Divorce Issues Involving Children: Parenting Time, Parental Responsibility And More

When the parents of children end a relationship, decisions regarding parental time and custody are some of the most difficult that must be made. Most parents are concerned about maintaining strong and positive relationships with their children; Illinois courts desire the same thing.

Parents must determine legal custody of any minor children. This term is now referred to as “parental responsibilities” under newly enacted Illinois family law. Essentially, parental responsibilities dictate who has the right to make decisions about schooling, religion, medical and other important parenting decisions.

They must also determine physical custody and visitation issues which are now referred to as “parenting time.” Illinois courts decide custody (parental responsibilities) and visitation (parenting time) based on what is in the best interests of the child. Factors the court uses to determine this include the child’s adjustment to home, school and community, as well as the child’s relationship with each parent and the level of involvement of each parent prior to filing for divorce.

For more information about how these new changes in the law impact your family law case, we encourage you to reach out to our law firm for more information.

Custody And Child Support Matters

The experienced child custody and child support attorney at Bolz & McCarty, LLC, in West Dundee, Illinois, works with clients to reach agreement on custody (parenting time/parental responsibility) and child support matters without litigating, whenever possible.

By reaching agreement with your child’s other parent on critical decisions that will shape your post-divorce lives, you keep more control over these important matters and reduce the amount of stress for everyone involved.

If an agreement cannot be reached, however, our firm is always prepared to go to court to protect your rights. Attorney Kevin M. McCarty has been involved in a number of cases involving psychology professionals who testified on behalf of a child, as well as cases in which a court-appointed representative of the child, also known as a “guardian ad litem,” testified.

We also provide our clients with comprehensive legal counsel regarding the establishment of child support and spousal support. Illinois child support follows a formula developed by state lawmakers. The amount paid can increase or decrease based on a number of factors.

Whether you expect to be the parent receiving child support or the one paying support, it is critical to work with a knowledgeable child support lawyer who will protect your interests.

We Will Review Your Situation And Explain Your Options

Our Kane County child support attorney will gain a full understanding of your situation in order to present a full explanation of your family’s finances and your child’s needs. If there are reasons to deviate from the prescribed formula — high incomes, special medical needs or other extra costs — we assemble the necessary documentation to argue for a child support amount that is appropriate for your situation.

We have assisted numerous clients with child custody modifications that allow a parent to move with a child to a different state for a job, remarriage or numerous other reasons. We also represent clients who wish to defend against a relocation request and keep their child in Illinois.

Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in which we will explain your options and recommend the best steps to take.

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