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Probate Matters Can Be Complicated: Let Our Attorneys Help You

Probate is the legal process by which an individual takes over a deceased individual’s assets and distributes those assets according to a will or other estate planning vehicle. In probate, the deceased party’s assets are collected. The person probating the will:

  • Identifies heirs
  • Settles accounts with debtors and creditors
  • Files income and estate tax returns
  • Approves heirs and coordinates the transfer of all remaining assets to beneficiaries

If you are an executor or administrator of an estate, you may need assistance interpreting the will and determining what other estate planning tools are in place.

The experienced probate lawyer at Bolz & McCarty, LLC, in West Dundee, Illinois, can oversee every aspect of probate for you to make sure you are in compliance with the relevant laws and fulfilling your fiduciary duties.

If you are a family member whose loved one died without a will, we can help you understand the process required to finalize his or her estate in a timely and professional manner.

Experienced Estate Administration Attorneys

Experience plays a critical role in the services you will need from a Kane County probate attorney; our firm has plenty of experience to tout. We have served residents of the Fox River Valley since 1951. We bring the knowledge, maturity and understanding that come with having assisted thousands of individuals in all areas of estate planning, as well as other practice areas.

At the same time, we understand that experience alone does not equate to top-notch legal counsel. We remain current on all aspects of Illinois estate planning law. We also adopt a client-focused approach that emphasizes listening to the needs of each individual or family we work with in order to achieve that client’s unique goals.

If you are in the process of developing a comprehensive estate plan, you may have heard a lot of discussion about creating a plan that allows your estate to avoid probate, often through revocable trusts. This can be accomplished, but probate is not the bogeyman that some legal professionals have made it out to be. We will take the time to review your situation and help you determine if avoiding probate is an appropriate goal.

Whether you are administering a will, or you are creating an estate plan and have questions about probate, we will give you along with the information, answers and guidance you need. Call 800-614-8953 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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